luni, 21 mai 2012

"SAPTMANA ALTFEL"...a week like no other in which schools across the country try something new. A week full of extracurricular activities such as workshops, dance class, contests, etc. 
(Monday, April 2 - Friday, April 6, 2012)

  • 30 to 40 volunteers joined myself, Mrs. Aurica (adiministrator at the school and one of the leader's of the project), and Petrica, a friendly groundskeeper, to begin "A GREEN NICHE for LIS". Mrs. Aurica has been in charge of taking care of the courtyard since I've been at school and will be in charge of keeping up the renovations after I leave.
  • We dug up already planted flowers in order to replant them when the ground is healthier. 
  • We went through the whole courtyard with a hoe thus digging up and mixing the soil in order to give the land a new start.   
  • Pulled weeds.
  • Help from a horse! A horse came on Thursday to help us. It had an instrument attached to it that helped hoe and rake the land better.
  • Towards the end of the week, we made a circle around the middle of the courtyard and marked where we would be planting the previously pulled flowers.
  • A new class just added to the high school, an advanced class of 5th graders, helped us replant the flowers in that space.



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